Stapelstein Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainable play and movement material

A product that is multifunctional and is used for a long time is a sustainable product. Starting in the design process, we made sure that the Stapelstein has a timeless appearance, is durable and can be easily recycled. All Stapelsteine are 100% recyclable.

Recycled material

Stapelstein PHOENIX 3

“Like a Phoenix from the ashes”, Stapelstein PHOENIX is created from 100% recycled material. PHOENIX is a statement for sustainable production, conscious consumption and minimalist design.

Made in Germany

Stapelstein Einzelstein gelb
The Stapelstein and the BALANCE BOARD, as well as the tools necessary for production, are produced 100% in Germany. The raw material production takes place in Germany and France.


Stapelstein RAINBOW basic Produktbild
One object – endless play possibilities. Simple design leaves room for fantasy and allows for a long service life. Age-spanning, gender-neutral and usable from the age of 1 year old, for people with and without physical restrictions.

Climate Neutral Production in Germany

The production facilities of Stapelstein products are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and work with 100% renewable energies. Shipping is climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen. We work with local material suppliers from Germany and France and ship directly from the producer to the customer. Therefore the shipping distances are minimal. The lightness and space efficiency of the product also contributes to energy efficiency during transport.


Stapelstein are free of plasticizers and additives

The expansion process of the high-tech material “EPP” takes place without the use of a blowing agent, using pure steam. This process saves 96% of the resources required in conventional plastics production (weight/volume). The foam particles are produced and processed in an environmentally friendly way without chlorofluorocarbons. EPP is pure and is produced without the use of halogenated hydrocarbons or compounds containing lead, cadmium or chrome. The innovative material of Stapelstein is water, saliva and bite resistant and free of plasticizers and blowing agents. The Stapelstein is therefore ideally suited for children over the age of one to play with!

Our particularly sustainable PHOENIX collection:

Pass on Stapelstein instead of throwing them away

A product is particularly sustainable if it is used for a long time. Therefore we ask you to pass on the Stapelstein if you no longer use it. Because the high-quality Stapelstein lasts a long time and even with small signs of use it will still give a second user a lot of pleasure. If the Stapelstein is unusable due to exceptional circumstances, please dispose of it like a yoghurt cup.


Unpackaged in environmentally friendly cardboard

The best packaging, is the one not used. All our products are packaged completely without plastic packaging. The Stapelstein is packed in an environmentally friendly cardboard box: We encourage you not only to throw our Stapelstein boxes in the paper waste, but to reuse them in the next handicraft lesson, as a hiding place, storage or for gardening.