Sock Monster

Stapelstein Illustration Sockenmonster

Accuracy with everyday materials! Currently we are challenged to get by with what we have at home. Staying at home also means going shopping as little as possible. We will play sock monster today!


We simply need one favorite sock each, which we stuff with newspaper half way. If you feel like it, you can sew eyes on the sock monster with buttons. And then we can start to play!


1. first we try to throw our sock monster into all the Stapelstein that are turned around. This is our practice phase.


2. now we assign a score to each color. Depending on the color of the Stapelstein you manage to throw your sock monster into, there are different points to be scored. Depending on the age of the other players, the distances are adjusted.


3. the Stapelstein start moving. One of the players picks up one of the Stapelstein blocks and holds it up. Now everyone will try to throw their sock monster into this Stapelstein.

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