Stapelstein SAFARI RAINBOW great


Due to their surface structure, SAFARI Stapelstein are resistant to dirt and therefore especially well suited for outdoor use. The Stapelstein can also be taken into the sandbox and pool. For cleaning we recommend water and a coarse brush. The SAFARI Stapelstein are made of 90 % recycling material. The remaining 10 % are coloured new material to enable a play of colours. Each Stapelstein has a unique point structure and is therefore unique.

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8 Stapelsteine (1x SAFARI purple, 1x SAFARI nightblue, 1x SAFARI blue, 1x SAFARI green, 1x SAFARI light green, 1x SAFARI yellow, 1x SAFARI orange, 1x SAFARI red)
2–4 days of delivery time

You should keep the following in mind when handling Stapelstein:

  • Pointed and sharp objects and surfaces such as scissors, knives, nails, wire, stones, etc. should not be brought into contact with your Stapelstein products.
  • Pointy and sharp objects and surfaces can cause permanent damage to Stapelstein.
  • Avoid extreme heat and all possible ignition sources (flames or sparks).
  • When playing in water, Stapelstein products are only a toy and not a swimming or floatation aid. Stapelstein should therefore only be used in shallow water under adult supervision.
  • Be careful when balancing! On smooth surfaces, jerky movements can cause a Stapelstein block to slip. A carpet or a kind of yoga mat will prevent Stapelstein from sliding.
  • Made in Germany from resource-saving EPP
  • Water, saliva, bite and UV resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • 100% recyclable
  • Single weight: 180 g
  • Max. load: 180 kg
  • Age recommendation: From 1 year of age
  • Dimensions: diameter = 27,5 cm, height = 12 cm
  • Due to the lighting conditions in product photography and different screen settings, the color of the stacks or BALANCE BOARDS on the screen may differ from the real color effect


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