Sustainable toys
Stapelstein Sustainability

The Stapelstein is an ideal sustainable toy for promoting children's movement. The ecological toy is a multifunctional, durable and easily recyclable play and learning object. Already during the development, we paid attention to a particularly timeless and innovative design, which is why the Stapelstein can be used for a particularly long time and in many different ways. The entire product life cycle is sustainable - from climate-neutral production to complete recyclability.

The Stapelstein is a sustainable toy for children

All our Stapelstein, no matter what colour, are 100% recyclable and climate-neutral manufactured in Germany.

What is actually a sustainable toy?

Sustainability is not just about ecology and our environment. It is a multidimensional concept. Economic and social factors are also included. Thus, it takes more than, for example, environmentally friendly production to be able to really call toys sustainable. For a toy to be sustainable, the following points should be fulfilled:

  • Environmentally friendly production: Low consumption of resources.
  • Recyclability: Do not interrupt the cycle of raw materials.
  • Durability: Robust, timeless and won't break the first time you play with it. 
  • Short transport routes: From the producer directly to your home.
  • Multifunctionality: One toy, endless play possibilities.
  • Effectiveness: Gender-neutral and inclusive, everyone can play with stacking stones.

Because of our children, we always feel the urge to buy new toys. However, we should consider whether new toys are really needed or whether there are more sustainable but equally joyful ways of giving them. We have also looked into this. On our blog you will find more information, inspiration and our personal attitude towards sustainable gift ideas

A holistic view of sustainability and responsibility

Learn more about how we as a company take ecological, economic and social responsibility in our blog.

Sustainable toys from climate-neutral production

With only one material, the Stapelstein enables a variety of play and movement possibilities. The sustainable play brick consists of 100 % EPP mono-material and is therefore also 100 % recyclable. The climate-neutral production of the sustainable toys takes place near Chemnitz in a production facility that is verified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 and works exclusively with renewable energies. The manufacturing process is safe, innovative and environmentally friendly. By processing with pure water vapour, 96 % of the resources needed in conventional plastic production are saved. In addition, we use 22.5% recycled EPP for the SAFARI product line. The PHOENIX product line is even made of 25% recycled EPP. Here you can find all our collections made of recycled material.

The Stapelstein is a toy free of harmful substances

We are of the opinion that toys for children must be free of harmful substances. Toddlers in particular explore their environment with all their senses. In certain developmental phases, it also happens that the toy is put in the mouth. In order to allow children to play with a clear conscience, it is essential to ensure that toys are free of harmful substances. For this reason, Stapelstein and our balance boards are produced without chlorofluorocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and compounds containing lead, cadmium or chrome and are therefore absolutely safe.

Stapelstein BALANCE BOARD safari blue

Safe play: Sustainable toys for children from 1 year

The environmentally friendly production of the stacking stone not only means a saving of valuable resources. By avoiding substances that are harmful to the environment and health, a qualitative and safe children's toy is produced. Without additives and free of plasticisers and propellants, the Stapelstein is ideal for children from 1 year of age and always remains bite and saliva resistant. In addition, the shock-absorbing Stapelstein and the Balance Board are free of sharp corners and edges, which guarantees additional safety during play.

A sustainable toy for outdoors

Thanks to its special material, the Stapelstein and our balance boards are the perfect sustainable toys for outdoors. The mono-material EPP, from which our products are made, is very robust. Therefore, it doesn't matter where the Stapelstein is used, it can withstand environmental conditions without any problems. Our products can therefore be used in the garden, in the sandbox, in the snow or even at the seaside without breaking.

Environmentally friendly shipping for an ecological toy

The Stapelsteine is shipped climate neutrally with DHL GoGreen. We work with local material suppliers from Germany and France. Furthermore, we ship directly from the producer to the customer. So there are no detours due to warehousing. The minimalism of the stacking stone also helps with energy-efficient shipping, because it is light and takes up little space. We find that no packaging is the best packaging. That's why we don't use plastic packaging for our sustainable toys and just protect our products with an eco-friendly and recyclable cardboard box. The cardboard is also meant to encourage you to use it creatively in your next craft session, as a hiding place, storage or for gardening. 

A durable and sustainable children's toy

The Stapelstein is a valuable and durable object. Since sustainability also means using objects sustainably, we ask you to pass on the Stapelstein and not to throw it away if you no longer use it yourself. Even with signs of use, it can still be a joy to move and learn with. Due to its timeless design and multifunctionality, it can be used by everyone - whether 1 or 99. If you still have to dispose of the Stapelstein due to extraordinary circumstances, please do so like a yoghurt pot. 

Our personal statement on the subject of sustainability

Our vision is to make as much difference as possible with a simple, minimally invasive object. We are aware that we are producing a product with a finite fossil raw material. However, the entire life cycle of a stacking stone is designed in such a way that the resulting benefit achieves an outstanding balance in relation to the resources and energies contributed.