Game Ideas

collect snowflakes

Download PDF playing card and print out yourself.

Stacking games

Life-size play worlds can be built with Stapelstein. The wave at the bottom edge of the Stapelstein offers various possibilities.

Balance Games

Stapelstein can be used to build great balancing paths. Depending on whether the Stapelstein are on the top or bottom, it is harder or easier to keep balance.

Water games

The Stapelstein is waterproof and has a strong buoyancy in water due to its extremely light weight.

Sound games

“In general, a Stapelstein sounds pleasantly warm when you drum on it. Nevertheless, the type of sound can be quite different and invites you to discover it. With the fingertips, for example, drumming sounds like drizzle.

Fantasy games

“The Stapelstein is what the players make of it! This means that each color can stand for something different. For example, blue could stand for the category animals, red for the number 5, and green for a movement – a somersault, for example.

Catch the mouse

In order to be able to perform several physical challenges simultaneously, you need the ability to multitask. But in today’s game we also train the motor skills of our mouth.

Sock Monster

Accuracy with everyday materials! Currently we are challenged to get by with what we have at home. Staying at home also means going shopping as little as possible. We will play sock monster today!

Traffic circle games

Either the Stapelstein itself turns into a spinning object or you let other things spin around in it. The Stapelstein works as a great giant spinning top when it is placed on its side or on the round side of its head. A child can also spin around on this side of the head by sitting in the hollow side and pushing with their feet and hands.

Hide-and-seek games

All kinds of items can be hidden under the Stapelstein to find or uncover in the game. If you connect two Stapelstein blocks with the help of the waves, larger things can be hidden in this so-called wobble egg.