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Product information

The Stapelstein is manufactured 100% in Germany. This enables us to guarantee quality, environmentally friendly production and short delivery routes.

The Stapelstein consists of resource-saving EPP, which is 100% recyclable. Free of blowing agents, plasticizers or other additives. The material has an insulating property & feels pleasantly warm even in cold environments.

The Stapelstein is 180 g light and can withstand up to 180 kg. It is water-repellent, weatherproof & UV-resistant. Nothing can be bitten off – but bite marks of powerful little tigers may stay behind.

Yes, the Stapelstein is pure, food safe & certified. Free of blowing agents, plasticizers & any other additives.

Instructions for use

We recommend the use from one year of age. We orientate ourselves strongly towards Pikler pedagogy. The Stapelstein invites even the youngest children to try their hand at movement and make all kinds of experiences with their own bodies in free play. Without instruction. Without a plan. Free play and free movement development. These are two of the main pillars of Pikler work. Climbing on the Stapelstein, sitting in the bowl and spinning, stacking and holding up, knocking over and building new imaginary play worlds with the life-size Stapelstein. Turning and filling, filling and carrying around, … the little ones are always discovering new features of the Stapelstein and grow with the challenges.

We cannot give an exact quantity recommendation as this always depends on the age of the child and the desired use. However, we do recommend the small rainbow as a starting point for home use. With six colorful Stapelsteine, there are already a variety of play options. The Balance Board as a supplement can be bought separately. With it, there are further great possibilities, such as an ergonomic stool for the desk or especially challenging balance courses.

All Stapelstein products can be combined with each other.

The Stapelstein can be used on almost all surfaces. However, pointed objects should not come into contact with the Stapelstein. This also includes pointed stones or similar surfaces, as visible imprint marks may occur.
The Stapelstein can slide on smooth floors. If you step on the Stapelstein from above, they do not slide. Slipping occurs when the Stapelstein is approached hastily or strongly with a sideway motion. A carpet or a kind of yoga mat prevents the Stapelstein from sliding.

Stapelstein are water-repellent and can easily be taken into the snow. Afterwards simply let them dry individually. You can use the Stapelstein as a bowl, like a baking dish and collect snow with it to build small hills or you build a dry balance path over the snowy landscape. The Stapelstein keeps a nice warm surface even in cold weather, which makes it a good outdoor stool. So you can use it outdoors as well as indoors.

Stapelstein are UV-resistant and do not lose their color. The material was tested on 60 sunny summer days at an air temperature of 25° and a humidity of 50%. Nevertheless, EPP is a living material, which is why we advise not to store Stapelstein permanently outdoors / wet for several years.

About us

Stephan’s family environment is characterized by educators. During his design studies, he therefore dealt intensively with pedagogical issues and noticed that too little attention was paid to one of the children’s basic needs: their natural urge to move. Since then, he has been looking for simple solutions that create movement stimuli within existing living environments.
We love inventing games together. We usually start with a basic idea: For example, we throw a ball into an upside-down Stapelstein. After a short time the ideas bubble up and variations with differing difficulty are created, which soon lead to a completely new game. In addition, we do not have rigid chairs. We sit individually low or high on dynamic Stapelstein stools or stand on the balance board at our standing workstation.
Respect for our environment accompanies us in every decision and every action, both in the company and in private life. The Stapelstein is produced climate neutral. We save 96% of raw material through the innovative foaming process with pure steam alone. However, we are convinced that the long-term usability of a product is at least as important for sustainability. As early as the design process, we make sure that the Stapelstein has a timeless appearance, is durable and ultimately easy to recycle.
With our company we would like to make a lasting and valuable contribution to the promotion of physical activity for children and hope that the Stapelstein will bring about a noticeable change in children’s living environments.


You can order from any country within Europe. You live outside of the EU? Please write us an email.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this in our webshop at the moment. Please send us your order request by e-mail to hi@stapelstein.de.

Unfortunately, we are currently not shipping individual stones for logistical reasons. This year we are working more and more with the retail trade. In the future it should be possible to buy single Stapelsteine there. As soon as the first stores sell our Stapelstein, we will definitely communicate this and hopefully there will be a suitable store near you.

Yes, we have special educational offers for public institutions. Please write an e-mail to Amélie at wir@stapelstein.de. She will get back to you with an offer as soon as possible.

Please write your request to the e-mail b2b@stapelstein.de. We will contact you as soon as possible with further details about a partnership.

Payment & Shipping

As soon as your package is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation directly from DHL via email, which includes a link to track the shipment. IMPORTANT: We ship with the shipping service provider WSVK, which is why DHL does not mention Stapelstein in the email.

All shipments within Germany from a purchase value of 85€ are free of charge! All other shipping costs for Germany and other countries can be found here: Shipping costs

The delivery times depend on the respective destination country. Unless other delivery times have been agreed, the delivery time for deliveries within Germany is up to six working days and for deliveries outside Germany up to 14 working days after completion of the ordering process by the customer.

In the case of exercising your legal right of withdrawal and in the case of returns for other reasons (e.g. warranty), we ask you to send your return to one of the following addresses:

joboo GmbH
Siebenmorgenstraße 5
70825 Korntal-Münchingen

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Please feel free to write to us at any time at hi@stapelstein.de