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Download PDF playing card and print out yourself.

How do we use Stapelstein ourselves?

We love inventing games together. We usually start with a basic idea: For example, we throw a ball into an upside-down Stapelstein.

Stacking games

Life-size play worlds can be built with Stapelstein. The wave at the bottom edge of the Stapelstein offers various possibilities.

Balance Games

Stapelstein can be used to build great balancing paths. Depending on whether the Stapelstein are on the top or bottom, it is harder or easier to keep balance.

Water games

The Stapelstein is waterproof and has a strong buoyancy in water due to its extremely light weight.

Sound games

“In general, a Stapelstein sounds pleasantly warm when you drum on it. Nevertheless, the type of sound can be quite different and invites you to discover it. With the fingertips, for example, drumming sounds like drizzle.

The importance of moving games

We observe that movement is gradually disappearing from the children’s everyday life, even though movement is the basis for children’s health and education. Playing with Stapelstein means enjoying movement and creativity with the whole body. In this way children can reach their full potential.


Movement hours with Stapelsteinen

During play children can gain valuable experience with the Stapelstein using all their senses. In a playful context, learning processes in terms of perception, language, thinking and experience are also activated.


The development of a sense of community, the building of trust, the assumption of responsibility, as well as learning how to show respect and getting to know one’s own feelings is encouraged in group play with Stapelstein.


The learning and playing with Stapelstein enables the encounter with theoretical contexts during activites.


Language development with Stapelstein

For example, language is directly translated into movement actions and vice versa. Concrete movement experiences can be discussed together and thus verbally expressed.


Playful movement lessons with musical gymnastics and Stapelstein means a holistic developmental support through child-oriented and experience-oriented movement and language activities, diverse perceptual experiences and social interaction in groups.