Stapelstein is excellent

Stapelstein is a proud bearer of independent quality seals, such as the "spiel gut" seal, the "moving innovation" seal, and has been awarded the title of "particularly conducive to development". The awards are granted through critical testing procedures and are intended to provide guidance when buying play and exercise materials to help find the right thing for your child. Stapelstein has been tested by children and was found to be particularly suitable by experts.

spiel gut seal

Good toys support children’s development by stimulating their imagination rather than restricting it, by not disappointing expectations, and by providing varied and continuous play opportunities. In addition, good toys are environmentally friendly, safe and meet the purpose of play in their durability and lifespan. spiel gut excellent toys meet these and other criteria.

Especially development-promoting

“The Stapelstein is a multifunctional product that is easy to handle, picks up on children’s joy of movement and enables a variety of social-communicative and creative activities”.

Innovation in motion

“The movement device is original, makes you want to move and can be used intuitively. It allows an easy access and at the same time gives the possibility to deepen motor skills. It offers variation possibilities and promotes additional skills outside of motor skills”.

We are awarded with IDEENSTARK

Stapelstein Gründer Hannah und Stephan
Ideenstark Logo

We were awarded! – We are proud to announce that we are prize winners of IDEENSTARK, the competition for innovative business ideas from the creative industry. We are looking forward to an exciting year with the IDEENSTARKEN support program, workshops, networks and much more. In these special times, good, innovative and sustainable ideas and business concepts are in higher demand than ever. With IDEENSTARK, MFG – supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and Art and the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing of Baden-Württemberg – honors initiators, innovation donors and dissenters from Southwestern Germany for their innovative business ideas.