We move children!

Stapelstein Gründer Hannah und Stephan

Our Mission

Exercise is the key to a holistic, healthy development of every child and should therefore be an integral part of the children’s everyday life. However, movement has never been so lacking in children’s lives as it is today. Stapelstein offers a moving and sustainable alternative that enables a wide range of movement and creativity in a limited space. Playing with Stapelstein means to live out movement and creativity with the whole body. This is how children can reach their full potential.

With & for children

The Stapelstein was created with and for children. We are proud that we have been awarded the “spiel gut” seal!


All Stapelstein are recyclable, produced climate neutral and are shipped directly from the production to your home. Our PHOENIX collection consists of 100% recycled material!


100% Made in Germany. Pure EPP – produced with the help of pure air and steam. No softeners, additives or other stuff.

Stephan’s family environment is characterized by educators. He has therefore dealt intensively with pedagogical issues during his design studies and noticed that too little attention is paid to one of the children’s basic needs: their natural urge to move. Since then, he has been looking for simple solutions that create movement stimuli within existing living environments.

We love inventing games together. We usually start with a basic idea: For example, we throw a ball into an upside-down Stapelstein. After a short time the ideas bubble up and variations with differing difficulty are created, which soon lead to a completely new game. In addition, we do not have rigid chairs. We sit individually low or high on dynamic Stapelstein stools or stand on the balance board at our standing workstation.

Respect for our environment accompanies us in every decision and every action, both in the company and in private life. The Stapelstein is produced climate neutral. We save 96% of raw material through the innovative foaming process with pure steam alone. However, we are convinced that the long-term usability of a product is at least as important for sustainability. As early as the design process, we make sure that the Stapelstein has a timeless appearance, is durable and ultimately easy to recycle.

With our company we would like to make a lasting and valuable contribution to the promotion of physical activity for children and hope that the Stapelstein will bring about a noticeable change in children’s living environments.